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Drake Music presents in Translation: Distant Interiors

15 June 2011

Commissioned by Drake Music, Distant Interiors was created during March/April 2011 by three artists investigating translation and interpretation via remote, three-way collaboration. Melanie Clifford, Ailís Ní Ríain and Rebecca Key communicated via email, file-sharing and the DMIT blog, responding to their online commission 'DM In Translation'.

The starting point for the commission was a one-minute silent video by Melanie Clifford, DM’s Artist/Curator in Residence. Across a five-week period the artists used online communication tools to explore translation and interpretation in their work. During this period, some of their ideas, conversations and work-in-progress was featured on the blog on Drake Music’s website.

The final piece is now exhibited online, marking the launch of DM’s New Commissions programme. To view the work go to