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Tin Bath Theatre Company

Sophie Woolley performs Fight Face by Tin Bath Theatre Company

Tin Bath Theatre Company present Fight Face (Theatre and Drama)

Tin Bath Theatre is a new theatre company formed by writer/ performer Sophie Woolley and director Gemma Fairlie. The company produces exciting interactive theatre that is accessible to all. "We have created a unique way of captioning theatre that uses animation, graphics, text and visual jokes. The result is part video game, part cartoon and entertaining to all."

As his customers’ arguments escalate into carnage, arson and death, Jenghiz the kebab shop worker dreams of being an action hero.

Combining the artistic with the accessible, this fast paced, physical comedy about life in the city, explores a new way of captioning shows that utilises digital advances and a range of creative partners to produce a visually stunning show. Part computer game, part cartoon, the piece appeals to both hearing and deaf audiences, and particularly young adults.

Sophie Woolley says: After rewiring the Fight Face script, I am now back in rehearsals with fantastic director Gemma Fairlie and new cast member, Nick Khan (ultra funny). Tin Bath Theatre Company is taking a 30 minute excerpt from the show to Decibel Performing Arts Showcase. Fingers crossed for bookings!

17 September at 11.45am
Library Theatre, Manchester