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The Fish Police

Dean Rodney of The Fish Police

The Fish Police (Music)

The Fish Police – a three piece band hailing from South London - mix funk, punk and hip hop to create original tunes with an edge . It's a vehicle for the wild imagination of Dean Rodney (Mc Dean) who sings, raps, is the bass player and writes the lyrics. Dean is supported by Mathew Howe on guitar and Charles Stuart (currently the keyboard player for Grace Jones) on keys, lyrics and backing vocals.

Their performance reveals a strong 70’s punk attitude and a hip hop swagger mixed with the kind of urban crossover pop appeal hitherto only experienced by American acts such as Outkast or Gnarls Barkley.

The 30 minute set is accompanied by original digital imagery developed in collaboration with the Fish Police and digital artist Hannah Mason. A collaboration that results in arresting graphic cartoon imagery which enhances and develops the lyrical content of the show.

17 September 2009 at 10pm
Contact Theatre, Manchester
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