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Kazzum theatre company perform Paper People

Kazzum theatre company

Kazzum present Paper People (Outdoor Performance)

Kazzum creates playful theatre and participative arts activities for young people, using art forms that reflect international influences. The work embraces the beliefs emotions and creativity of its audience

Inspired by disabled artists interpretation of the London 2012 Olympics. Paper People is a hybrid of 'walk about' and 'interactive performance' aimed at young people and their families.

Utilising traditional Chinese paper cutting techniques and more contemporary 3D paper art techniques, two newspaper sellers tell stories as they cut and manipulate their newspapers into a variety of people and landscapes.

This innovative performance provides young people with the opportunity to encounter an unconventional theatre language, challenging them to engage with a mainly visual vocabulary which drives forward narrative.

18 September 2009 at 6.30pm
City Centre Outdoor