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5 April 2015

Marion Fallon

Thank you so much for doing this Liz, you have my admiration for your insight into Austerity and how it's hurting disabled people. I don't always "get" modern art and art forms that aren't looking at a painting/drawing, but something about this speaks to me and I think and hope it will engage other people too. I am an online and sometimes in person activist, I'm somethimes held back ny physical limitaions, fatigue etc., and as you say, it does have a role (a big role in my view) but it's not the only way and you can't always delve into the real "heart and soul" of how people are being affected and damaged by what's being done to them. I am someone who loves words and uses a lot of them, but even I sometimes lose the ability to really describe accurately what's happening and what it's doing to my soul, my very being.I hope that the WeAreFigures will help with this and think it will be a valuable tool, for yourself and other groups. Marion, Norwich

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