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Ableize is a human edited directory, run by disabled people providing the most comprehensive collection of disability, mobility and health related resources available in the UK and Ireland.


Access Scottish Theatre

The Access Scottish Theatre guide provides audiences with information about accessible performances and access at participating venues in Scotland.


Accessible Cinema

The UK leads the world in accessible cinema. Most popular cinemas now have facilities to screen the latest films with subtitles and audio description for people with hearing or sight loss.


Adorn, Equip

An online version of a touring exhibition originally commissioned by The City Gallery, Leicester. The work resulted from a collaboration between disabled people and artists, makers and designers. It explores issues around the design of disability equipment and accessories.


A site brought to you from Cooltan Arts. It aims to give a grassroots voice to those of us using or involved with mental health services providing each other with support, advice and sharing experiences, it will also be a creative place, where we can put drawings, paintings, photographs, creative writing, music and spoken word poetry.


Alexandar's Hippocampus

Poet with a pastoral edge to reflective images. Richard Alexandar writes: "Somewhere beyond complacent lock gates a leaf detaches/ From its tree, and ceases to be a consumer./ There is no sacrifice involved, only progress."


All the King's Fools

All the King's Fools was a ground-breaking performance performed at Hampton Court Palace in February and October 2011. It was written and performed by The Misfits, a company of actors with learning difficulties from Bristol. They worked with jester and director Peet Cooper of Foolscap Productions to produce a piece that showed how jesters performed in Henry VIII's court.


American Sign Language Resource Guide

American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual language that is largely used by the deaf community as well as those who have other forms of communication challenges. With ASL, the hands, facial expressions and body movements are used to represent words. ASL is more than just a handful of symbols to help people communicate; it is a complete language, with its own rules and grammatical structure. ASL is used by hundreds of thousands of individuals across the United States and Canada. Like any language, learning ASL requires a lot of study and practice, but the time spent learning ASL comes with many benefits, even for those who are not hearing-impaired or have no difficulty communicating verbally.

This resource guide will help you learn the basics about ASL, signposting you to lots of useful information.


Andy Wild

Andy Wild talks about the empowerment he gains through painting and by exhibiting his work. This film is set in the context of ‘Raw – an exhibition about recognition, illness and joy’. The exhibition was a collaboration between Andy and Pioneer Projects [Celebratory Arts] Ltd.


Art Spider

Art Spider showcases and lists arts events for learning disabled people happening across the UK. Art Spider has been busy adding cool new features to the site! You can now like your favourite gallery or have your say on the latest news!


Artistas Diversos

A platform for the promotion of the social and professional inclusion of disabled persons through the arts. Artistas Diversas provides an online exhibition space, library and auditorium.



Artslife is a group run by artists with learning disabilities to help other people with learning disabilities to love their artslives.


BBC Ouch!

Offers a humorous take on the oft-confusing world of disability with features from disabled artists and writers. Features take a wry look at the media’s tragic but brave portrayal of disability.


BENT: A Journal of CripGay Voices

Archived Crip/gay journal edited by Raymond J. Aguilera, which contains a collection of pages of first-person narrative, poetry, fiction, and art as well as more discursive articles.


Bispo do Rosário, Arturo

Arthur Bispo do Rosário was a Brazilian outsider artist. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, he lived in an psychiatric institution in Rio de Janeiro for 50 years, where he created works of art with found objects, as part of a "divine mission".


Breath & Shadow

US-based journal for literary excellence and expression of disability culture. Breath & Shadow accept writing from disabled people on any topic for poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and drama.

Website: was created to bring information to patients, carers, families and their friends. Knowledge is power. In the mental health system the power is usually one-sided. We aim to change this...


Buchanan-Dick, Malcolm

A renowned, award-winning artist who uses combinations of digital and traditional technologies to create and control interactive sculptures and environments.


Can Do Can Go!

Can Do Can Go provide information on existing travel facilities and their accessibility features - or, as is all too often the case, the lack of them! - and give you, the user, the chance to tell them all about anything good or bad you've seen.


Can-Do Musos

A global organisation founded in New York in March 2013, to provide support and showcase musicians living with a disability from all over the world. The website currently features over 180 musicians from 22 countries. Can-Do Musos endeavours to change the ways people see musicians with a disability, change people's attitudes, and create opportunities for musicians to be heard.


Centre for Disability Research

Disability Studies Conference Archive for the fifth international disability studies conference which took place at Lancaster University on Tuesday 7th - Thursday 9th September 2010. Over 140 paper and 20 posters were presented and keynote addressing were given by Liz Crow, Caroline Gooding, Ruth Gould, Alana Officer and Adolf Ratzka.


Centre for Disability Studies

Centre for Disability Studies has been established to generate legal knowledge on disability issues; to create a rights based discourse on disability; to advocate for the rights of persons with disability; to catalyse civil society understanding on disability rights; and to document current developments in disability law and policy


Chipmunka publishing

Chipmunka publishing gives a voice to writers with mental illness around the world. Through their range of more than 800 books by more than 600 authors, they raise awareness of the stigma surrounding mental health problems by encouraging society to listen.


Connected Culture

Connected Culture is a Spare Tyre initiative uniting participatory arts organisations, artists, participants, policy makers and funders. It enables participatory arts activity to be better connected and have a stronger voice.


Creative Cafe

Creative Cafe is a social network where members show off their art, photography, crafts, music, videos and write blogs. Creative Cafe is a charitable group run by volunteers with mental health & other disabilities in Brighton UK. Membership is free and open to everyone. We invite you to join and get your own Creative Cafe page.