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Embrace Create Connect Conference, Embrace Arts Centre, Leicester / 17 March 2012

Sarah Watson from Oska Bright and Michael White from Heavy Load

At Embrace Create Connect Conference in Leicester on 16th March 2012

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15th and 16th March 2012 By Matthew Hellett and Sarah Watson The Conference began on Thursday the 15th March at 11 am with a great beginning session – everyone together doing stuff – we made paper planes and then threw them at each other! Then we grabbed a quick coffee and went straight upstairs to the screening room. Everyone sat on bean bags on the floor to watch the films – some people sat on chairs at the back, too. Everybody said how good the bean bags were – they felt more relaxed! We showed “2011 Films From Everywhere Else Screenings 1 and 2”. It was a great vibe – really full up – we couldn’t move! We felt like baked beans in a baked bean tin – it was very good! Then we went and gave a presentation about how we market Oska Bright with a Question and Answer Session afterwards. It was great but we needed more time for the discussions. We started to talk about quality in our work and how we can get more venues and people to see what everyone is doing. We know that work by learning disabled people is so fabulous and that it needs to be seen by more people. The next day (Friday) we got up bright and early and got tickets for the workshops we wanted to go to. We went and presented “2011 Films from Australia” and “2011 Films in a Foreign Language”. We got great feedback from the audience! After we’d done this we went across the road to see the Bamboozle installation in a great big tent. Then we went to the First Movement Mobile Studio and had a go at moving with their digital arts camera’s and computer programmes. Matthew wouldn’t leave the studio and got an extra go! We hope that we can work with them to make a Digital Art Installation for Oska Bright 2013. Watch this space. We presented our ending thoughts to the whole Conference. Overall it was a great Conference – we met loads of interesting people. Our great hope is that we can all stay in touch and keep talking about how we can get more people to appreciate the quality of learning disability led arts and culture. We look forward to the future and hope it is orange like our Oska Bright T-Shirts!

Keywords: film,learning disability,user led organisations