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Chatting to A Chugger 4 / 26 September 2012

Crippen's Problem cartoon

Captain Pratt Still Haunts The Streets

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We are walking through a busy Camden High road, too wrapped up in each other to notice the people funneling around the chugger so it is we find ourselves face to face with the garroulous scottish one.

"You ever heard of Battersea Dogs Home?"
"Are you english?"

I am english. Its just sometimes that when people ask me direct yes no questions i alternate my answers. Its fun to see how long it takes people to cotton on that i'm playing with them. never thought i'd get the chance to do it with a chugger but it might be usefull to bear it mind in future.

"Then i'm sorry but i can't ask you for money"
"I can only take account details from people resident here?"

Better stop this now before he gets to playing the yes no game with me. But what a great discovery.

Weeks latter I'm in a pub watching the football and relating this tale to one of the bar staff. he is well impressed but finds it a little dubious. Money is money. His australian assistant confirms this. It has happened to her too. Suddenly we are engaged with the thought of developing two armies of anti-chuggers. The yes no army that plays them along and sees how far they can go and the phoney foreign accent army who wish to spend less time with them.

Can we recruit you? 

Keywords: charities,chuggers,tragedy model


richard downes

27 September 2012

you've probably got it largely right Joe

i think i'm setting myself a challenge in chatting to a chugger:

1) I think its humiliating not to stop and chat to a chugger if all i'm going to do is hide from their gaze, ignore their requests for money, and pretend that i did not see them.

2) I think i have a responsibility to say why i will not support charities for disabled people, and indeed other charities that have upset me.

3) I believe if i am standing chatting then they can not be collecting from others and this puts pressure on those in the suits

4) the chatting to a chugger series is offered as a demonstration of something i do that you and others can do too.

5) Yes i should think chugging is shite so chatting lightens the load and whenit works well it can bring a smile to both parties

6) there is a risk in chatting - you don't where the conversation is going to go, what you are going to learn, what you are going to impart or as happened to me in chatting to a chugger 5 - bought me in direct line with my own prejudices and use of discriminatory language.

7) DAN or any other group, DPAC, Black triangle, are not currently directly engaged in anti- tragedy model campaigns against charities so this keeps the issue alive

8) It kind of follows on artistically from my creation of the We All Shot Pudsey Bear Facebook Page

9) I've gopt a duty to my readers to continue

10) Sometimes its well worth shooting the messenger


26 September 2012

Oh bloody hell Rich, you've gone and done it now ... and I bet he takes me off his christmas card list!

joe mcconnell

26 September 2012

Chugging is shite. But chuggers are probably in the main poor bastards up against the wall in the employment stakes. The real cunts in question are those in suits that send them out to torment us. Let's get them and not shoot the poor old messengers. Or have i got it wrong?

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