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> > > Assisted Suicide in the Theatre: Kill Me Now!


30 March 2015

Maureen Oliver

I am in agreement with you, Colin about society as such being a culture of death and that there is an aspect of that which is about power over long term ill and disabled people. I have myself, as a person with disabilities and serious health problems been exposed to that from doctors and others. I was in hospital a couple of years ago with respiratory failure and the doctor said I might well have to go into intensive care on a ventilator and then he said ferociously, how would I like that then, would I want that? The question was unasked but it was clear he wanted me to say 'no way, kill me now!' I made it clear that I wanted to survive at all costs and went on to recover from that particularly bad experience. Interestingly, when I told my psychiatric nurse that I worry about being a victim of so called 'mercy killing' she accused me of being paranoid and of having a 'relapse'. So it goes on...

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