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20 September 2015

Colin Hambrook

We do seem to be at a crossroads, culturally and economically. Liz Carr called it the dichotomy of the 'good crip / bad crip' i.e. good being those of us in jobs and able to support our access needs and bad being those of us dependant on the state for living and access needs. The State itself is in a dichotomy of the Tory wish to dismantle everything and Labour advocating putting everything back in place.

13 September 2015

Tiiu Mortley

It is great to see such great British talent getting great roles and leading the path for other disabled artists. It is long overdue but things are changing. Ironic really with all the cuts but we are more visible now thanks to the Paralympics and stars such as Liz and Matt. And good on America for getting on board too. Long may CripFest continue. Perhaps I'll be lucky enough to be there myself next time. Onwards fellow crips, onwards!!!!

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