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> > > News: Liverpool’s DaDaFest Lever Prize 2012 Winners

DaDa – Disability and Deaf Arts is delighted that North West Business Leadership Team (NWBLT) has named DaDaFest International 2012  winners of the Lever Prize. In celebrating talent and excellence in Disability and Deaf Arts, DaDa demonstrates the region as a forward-thinking and inclusive place to live and work.

The year long partnership allowed DaDaFest to further the aim and reach of the festival as well as offer NWBLT members tailored partnerships in art development, PR, staff training and community engagement opportunities within DaDaFest International 2012.

DaDaFest International 2012  happened between July and  September 2012 which consisted of a festival programme,  visual arts exhibition and  included high-profile collaborations with international artists, further work with young people, development of our online offer and continuation of successful events such as Young DaDaFest and the DaDa Awards..”

Ruth Gould, CEO of DaDaFest said "We were delighted the NWBLT acknowledged the unique work DaDaFest does in representing disability and deaf culture in the North West and internationally. We see our year as Lever Prize winners as a fantastic opportunity. Winning the award and the resulting creative collaborations with NWBLT members are allowing us to present an even more relevant and enticing festival this year. The partnerships and contacts we are developing with business leaders are changing the way we engage with businesses.”