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I’m taking part in the Norfolk & Norwich Open Studio event this year, showing visual poetry, text art, and protest art in a picture postcard cottage in the middle of nowhere.

Inspired by the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, I’ve hung Rainbow Jack bunting outside and erected a blue plaque which reads ‘1952-2012 HM the QUEEN NEVER VISITED THIS HOUSE’.

I was curious to see if the blue plaques would sell, so I sent out an email and immediately sold 8. I’m enjoying painting different words for different people, including: HM the QUEEN NEVER HOOVERED HERE, and HM the QUEEN NEVER ATE KIPPERS HERE.

I’m going to send the plaques via the Royal Mail, like giant postcards, so they can be read on their journey, plus I get to stick the Queen’s head on the back of each plaque. A limited edition of 100 blue plaques, hand-painted on cardboard, are available for £20 each, including postage.

Norfolk & Norwich Open Studio, Ships Cottage, Hall Road, Oulton, Norfolk NR11 6NU, open 1-5pm, May 26, 27, June 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 & 10, Visit www.vincelaws.com for more information.