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Vince publishes a Poem for a Wedding / 25 May 2011

I was commissioned to write a poem for a wedding. Here it is.


Would you care to dance with me
through tunnels of trees and
lime leaves so sharply green
I fear for our safety?

Take me by the hand and
let’s enjoy a long slow waltz
old fashioned maybe
but far from false.

Would you care to dance with me
beneath boughs and
across a floral veranda?
Any dance will do
if it’s danced with you -
a foxtrot or a samba.

Would you care to dance with me?
Lead me to the floor and
embrace me ever more
in a flung back tango -
love at a dangerous angle.

Following in your footsteps
until I had to catch my breath.
Would you dare to dance with me
on a bed of fresh lime leaves?

Yes, yes, yes.

Vince Laws May 2011