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> > > Aaron Williamson: 'The Eavesdropper'

Aaron Williamson is artist in residence at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool and is using his time to ‘eavesdrop’ upon the paintings in the collection. As one of DAO's Diverse Perspectives commissions, Aaron is blogging about his his work-in-progress 'The Eavesdropper' which is part of the Liverpool Biennial and DaDaFest 2012, culiminating in a series of performance-based interventions in the gallery in November.

Blog 4: On my namesake the Georgian Performance Artist, Joseph Williamson

2 September 2012


photo of the inside of an arched Victorian brick tunnel with cobblestone floor

Continuing the subterranean theme of my last posting (in search of kitten paintings down in the dank dungeons beneath Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery), I decided to take an afternoon trip to the wondrously-named Williamson Tunnels on Edge Hill. Joseph Williamson was a Liverpool tobacco merchant who’d caused enough coughing by the age of 50 to afford his retirement and pursue his lust for building tunnels for twenty years from 1820 on. He didn’t build them himself obviously...

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