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Benedict Phillips Video Blog / 16 March 2009

photo of artist

Photo of Benedict Phillips at Central St Martins

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[Transcript of video]

Hi, my name’s Benedict Phillips and this is my first audio-visual blog. I’ve always found it very interesting to navigate the internet but I find it also very disorientating and sometimes it just makes me nauseous. It’s something to do with all of the words.

Often they’re stacked together in all sorts of kind of peculiar ways. And what I wanted to do was to do this blog as an audio-visual blog, particularly because it wouldn’t be asking anybody necessarily to read it. It also doesn’t ask me to write it either.

Now, I’m fantastically dyslexic. I’m very, very good at it and always have been. And so this process of me doing this blog is also a process of me trying to investigate other ways of me using words.

It’s also going to chart what I’m up to over the next year. Now, I’ve received some support and I have a plan for my professional development. I’ve been working as a professional artist for getting on for 20 years now and I’ve got a lot of exciting and interesting things happening. And I wanted to share those and see what happens with them. See what actually comes about.

At the end of this month, I’m going to be doing a lecture, which I’ve been developing for a very long time, called “3D Thinkers In a 2D World”, which started with a piece of work which was published in DAIL Magazine, (Disability Arts in London Magazine), in I think 1995, maybe 1996.

I also read that piece, “The Agenda of the Aggressive Dyslexic” On Speakers’ Corner. And at the time I developed a prop, which was called the Vision Art Goggles, which I have here, which I’ll quickly put on so you can see what they do. So here they are.

These are my Vision Art Goggles. You put them on, very simple, and then everything you see is art. And then, when everybody looks at you, they see art, you see art. It’s very, very simple. Anyway, there you go. So I thought I’d show you those.

Anyway, in the up and coming talk, I’m going to be talking about all the work that I’ve been doing in relationship to my dyslexic research. This has also included me doing photographs and photographic work with all sorts of people.

I’d also like to introduce you to some of my art works as well on this blog and to come along basically on the journey of my professional development over this coming year.