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Published poet and performer Bernadette Cremin is using DAO to blog about development of her work - in particular her one-woman show Altered Egos which was performed in the 2010 Brighton Fringe Festival.

A day in the life of Joan...

12 December 2011


Photo of Bernadette's foot with a spilt medicine bottle and pills on the floor

After her initial email (a day in the life of…) I have extended the fictional email correspondence with Joan - one of the characters in 'Altered Egos'. BERNADETTE Hi Joan…seems to me that you (and the kids) could do without the same old wallpaper, pet… I know your mum drives you mad but as you get older you realise that these things come as standard eh? im so relieved to hear you put the portrait into storage. I know you’re juggling fire Joan, but if there’s...

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