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Published poet and performer Bernadette Cremin is using DAO to blog about development of her work - in particular her one-woman show Altered Egos which was performed in the 2010 Brighton Fringe Festival.

Artists and philistines side by side...

19 August 2011


Bernadette Cremin's feet pictured side by side

I was sent a link to an extract from a book called ‘The Creative Personality.’ I, of course thought DAO readers might be interested in the article but I also wanted to ‘stretch and test’ my opinion of it and so I hosed down the dusty sociologist in me and conducted my own little experiment. I forwarded the link to three overtly ‘creative types’ (actress, musician, poet) and three self-professed (loud and proud in one case!) philistines and asked them to send...

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Back on solid ground...

1 August 2011


photo of the writers foot with a shamrock pendant between her toes

Well my life’s certainly got its hat on back to front after 10 days in the Fair Isle. It proved an itchy adventure (I’ll elaborate later) but first I’m compelled to say how horrified I am about Amy Winehouse. Moreover, I’ve been shocked by the lack of compassion that I’ve seen toward her from some, stunningly even a few of my friends, surprisingly unable to read between the lines of our vindictive media, and see it for the bastard it can be, and indeed the abusive...

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