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Published poet and performer Bernadette Cremin is using DAO to blog about development of her work - in particular her one-woman show Altered Egos which was performed in the 2010 Brighton Fringe Festival.

Six birds v a one-trick pony

14 September 2011


A foot surrounded by eggs

I was bored of the sound of myself, aware I had become ‘safe’ as an artist and thus petrified at the prospect of grazing my days away in the paddock for one-trick-pony performance poets. So I polished my tie, combed my cufflinks and decided to smarten up my act. I think I just needed to convince me that I was still convinced by me. After all, if I was tired of me there was no hope for an audience or reader was there? I think it’s sometimes easy to forget, as artists, what...

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I guess it is about time I introduced you to ‘Altered Egos’

7 September 2011


photo of a foot with a candle between toes

Altered Egos is my one woman show. It’s a sequence of six dramatised monologues which tell the tales of six women ‘on the edge’. It aims to weave a loose narrative script with poetry from my three collections. I first performed it last year at the Brighton Festival (see Colin Hambrook's review) where it won ‘runner up’ for a Latest Award (best literary/performance fringe event.) I was all set to ‘go again’ this year but in true Cremin style having just...

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