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A day in the life of Altered Egos... / 17 October 2011

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Photo of Bernadette on her DAO blog

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I've written myself an email from each of the characters in my series of monologues 'Altered Egos' in an attempt to give a feel for the ladies and hopefully whet your appetite... for their story/situationĀ (perhaps even my relationship with them). Let me know what you think?

Darling B Sebastian’s being a real bastard again, not returning texts/ calls since Leones party. (I think Jeremy suspects something’s going on but what’s good for the goose!!) Anyhow he flies back to Dubai on Thursday so it looks like I’ll be solo in gay Paris after all thank God! Had catch up with Emmy and Jacq on Friday…I’m loving the refurb’ at china white. (Craig’s a genious) Mummy and Daddy are back… Tans to die for and mummy’s cheekbones are fab’. Spa at the weekend? Love you darling. Tx

Hi Bernie Thanks for your texts/calls. Sorry I haven’t replied. Is there any chance you’re free to help me shift the last few boxes? The house is being valued Tuesday, its still a tip but I’m just useless when I’m there on my own (even in the daytime now) I’m sure these tablets the doctor gave me aren’t helping. I went round there this morning to collect the post etc but his car was outside… I just can’t face him Bern… Christ what a bloody mess. Lots of love Sx

Dear Miss Cremin Automated reply… Please note that all correspondence with Miss Devlin must be sent via Dr Harvey’s secretary. Thank you.

Hello Bernadette I hope you’re well. I thought you’d like to know that I’ve decided to sell (or rent) this place after all. How could I stay? What on earth was I thinking? I’m taking the kids to my mothers for a while now that its all over…(before it all begins…) By the way I took your advice and put the painting in storage. Thank you Bernadette. All the best. Jx

Yo babes!! Here’s that number for them half price vouchers Kaz was on about.…not much going on here darlin’…same shit, different day. Looking forward to Friday…don’t forget The rollover kicks off at 7.30 so don’t be bloody late again. Take care hun. Tx

Hi Bern Thanks very much for your email. I was surprised they let you have my address (but I guess life is going to be full of surprises now) of course I’d love to see you, when will they let you come? Please don’t worry about me Bern. It's ok here. It may sound crazy but I have never felt so calm as I do now. Take care. Love as always your friend Vx