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Back on solid ground... / 1 August 2011

photo of the writers foot with a shamrock pendant between her toes

Bernadette Cremin's foot. Photo © Robin James

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Well my life’s certainly got its hat on back to front after 10 days in the Fair Isle. It proved an itchy adventure (I’ll elaborate later) but first I’m compelled to say how horrified I am about Amy Winehouse. Moreover, I’ve been shocked by the lack of compassion that I’ve seen toward her from some, stunningly even a few of my friends, surprisingly unable to read between the lines of our vindictive media, and see it for the bastard it can be, and indeed the abusive role I suggest it played in her demise. 

I’m aware too, that many of those all too ready to write her off as a ‘worthless junkie’ are ignorant of her music except of course ‘rehab’ (an exemplary  example of market engineering methinks). I’d suggest that Amy was a blessed artist who suffered from one of the cruellest and misunderstood disabilities on the planet, that of addiction. I realise this is an explosive issue, but here I see a typical example of throwing the baby out with the bathwater and it is heartbreaking.

Forgive my cynicism but I’d wage a handsome bet that Universal records, who rejected her third album will have it polished and pretty just in time for Christmas following the global success of Amy Winehouse Greatest Hits of course, which I reckon will be on our shelves by the autumn! The awful news was thrown at me by a lard-arsed pubescent girl with bad teeth, relentless NYC accent and bad attitude in the belly of the Kerry mountains where I was chewing my way through a family reunion BBQ! Where were you?...go on…tell us all!... go on.

The main purpose of my trip was to visit my new publishers ‘Salmon’ in Co. Clare, but unfortunately this was derailed after I had two fits at a bloody poetry reading! (O’Bheal) in Cork city (in the pub my dad bought his first pint of Guinness in1949 (looks like God is bored again!) However, a new meeting has been agreed and my collection is still on track for January 2013… happy days!

I’m delighted to say that I’ve now secured two performance dates for my one woman show Altered Egos in October (details soon… please read the review on DAO of a performance I did in Brighton Fringe in May 2010) I’m trying to seduce other venues, which has meant having to meet copious new email addresses (!) and a few new faces (whose names I seem to have forgotten reflexively!)

Paul Stone (my director) has managed to find a free rehearsal space (hero!) and we started kicking it around again on Wednesday. It felt wonderful to let the 6 ladies out to play again. We’ve started working on Trudy first (a rich little daddies girl) as she needs most character development (I would gleefully indulge myself in the method before next weeks rehearsal but alas an uncooperative purse, cockney accent and middle age make this impossible…!) I’m seeing a fundraiser next Tuesday for financial advice (as Paul and I are self confessed administrative chocolate teapots!)

I did manage to scrawl a little ditty this week too, inspired by the paedophile issue in Eire which (as you may imagine) is a wild cannon out there!
I’m afraid that writing new work for Peacock is taking a back seat at the mo’ although I have been cruising round town with photographer and collaborator  Robin James on his dawn photo shoots for my pamphlet due out in Spring… and what a magical time of day it is too…x

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