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Writer, artist and performer Charles Devus is using DAO to blog about outsider and visual arts events in Brighton and beyond.

Arts & Antiques Fair, Olympia

15 July 2011


statue of an angel

After the Impact Art Fair I took up an invitation to visit a friend in Germany and stayed there a week. My week in Germany back in May was not restful but I learned a lot in the Tuteburger Forest. I flew back from Osnabruck to Stanstead and got the train in to Liverpool Street. I met my friend Ed at St. Pancras on the way back to Brighton and he gave me a couple of tickets to the Arts and Antiques fair at Olympia on 19th June. I like to do a bit of incognito mingling occasionally. Breezing...

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Charles Devus becomes elevated...

7 July 2011


Charles Devus stands facing the camera with a smile. He holds a rifle., Dungeness Lighthouse is in the background

I have been asked to provide an introduction, a few words or so about my self and what I intend to write about. When I am asked to encapsulate what I am supposed to be I always find it a bit problematic. I always get a bit self conscious and tend to play to the gallery, the jokey egoist, then there is the tendency to come across with false modesty. Firstly who am I? To my friends I am Charlie, To my enemies, who are legion, it is Sir! On the covers of leather bound tomes, engraved in gold...

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The Impact Arts Fair in Islington Thursday 19 May

1 July 2011


Impact Arts Fair logo

To London for the Impact Art Fair - an exhibition produced by the Brighton-based organisation Creative Future who support disadvantaged artists. I caught the train to Victoria. Realised I didn't know where it was so popped into St. James' Library in Westminster and googled the event despite plenty of info supplied by Project Director, Simon Powell. Caught 38 bus to Islington. Went to pub where two sexy girls tried to find the address for me, but in the end I had to ask a cabby. I managed to get...

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