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Writer, artist and performer Charles Devus is using DAO to blog about outsider and visual arts events in Brighton and beyond.

No news from Berlin...

29 August 2011


a digital image of a circular swirl of many colours

In my first blog entry, I said that one of the things I would do would be to track whatever came of the offer by the Galleri Cru in Berlin to host an exhibition of my work in Germany, and of the invitation I got to go there in July 2011. I did go to Germany, but that had already been arranged, and I spent a fraught week at Borgenhouzen in the middle of the Teutenburg forest in May. As I had not heard anything from Berlin I chased them up via every medium save semaphore. I emailed and phoned and...

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April is the Cruellest Month... Charles visits The Titanic exhibition at 02, London

6 August 2011


photo of the titanic

When Colleen suggested visiting the Titanic exhibition in London I felt uneasy about the idea despite having an interest in the period and of ships and the sea. I don’t think I would have gone had it been for her. The exhibition is currently being staged at the O2 Centre in North Greenwich. The entrance price is in keeping with White Star Line pricing policy of the period at £15.00 a head. One ingenious touch was to present visitors with a facsimile boarding pass in the name of one...

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