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Writer, artist and performer Charles Devus is using DAO to blog about outsider and visual arts events in Brighton and beyond.

A Child of Our Time

26 October 2011


pen and ink drawing of admiral's park from the graphic novel justin sane

I suppose I owe a lot to fate. My parents were both artists. My mother was abusive and my father ran away in a cloud of vainglorious egomania. I learned a lot about Wagner, Nietzche and Platonic dialogue and how to fear childhood. It was easier to dream of growing up for then I could fulfill my father’s brief to be an artistic genius. Not too much of a genius mind you, but just enough of one to realise and appreciate my father’s godhead. In short I was raised to be the tortured...

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A forthcoming book with Gallery Cru...

2 October 2011


digitised image of the artist Charles Devus

When I exhibited at the Impact Art Fair last May and was invited to Berlin I was also persuaded to appear in a book on artists and their work. The Berlin invite soon dissipated into nebulous muddle but the idea of the book prevailed. Unfortunately I had forgotten all about it. I was soon reminded and advised to make myself available to be photographed for the forthcoming volume. When my buzzer rang on 26 August, last. I initially thought it was Southern Electric with whom I was embroiled in a...

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