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Charles Devus becomes elevated... / 7 July 2011

Charles Devus stands facing the camera with a smile. He holds a rifle., Dungeness Lighthouse is in the background

Charles Devus at Dungeness Lighthouse

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I have been asked to provide an introduction, a few words or so about my self and what I intend to write about. When I am asked to encapsulate what I am supposed to be I always find it a bit problematic. I always get a bit self conscious and tend to play to the gallery, the jokey egoist, then there is the tendency to come across with false modesty.

Firstly who am I? To my friends I am Charlie, To my enemies, who are legion, it is Sir! On the covers of leather bound tomes, engraved in gold lettering it is Charles Ivanovich Devus, (hopefully elevated to equestrian status in the near future) also to be found on gilded labels under framed examples of my work in The Royal Academy, Boston Museum of Fine Art and the Hermitage.

I could say that I am a writer. I write poetry, plays, short stories and historical articles, but without some examples this doesn't mean very much. I could equally tell you I was an artist, I think the preferred Arts Council jargon is a Fine Arts Practioner, but I am certainly not one of those.

I'm also a performer and I have now began learning music and to play the guitar. Again without some examples these are empty statements. i prefer to prove what I am doing rather than to comment upon it. In the course of these articles I hope to do just that.

I will be writing about my experience as a writer with Disability Arts on Line and as an artist with Creative Futures and of the ongoing saga of Berlin where i may or may not have an exhibition next year. I will be covering Creative Futures, outside in and what ever stirs at Fabrica galley in Brighton plus what ever else of interests crosses my path.