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Day three

16 October 2008


Elephants having a mud bath

...So on Monday, I had my last meetings with the people of D4L, had a couple of drinks with GianLuca, and on tuesday we set off early in the morning after a good Breakfast to Mombasa. The bus was OK, not great, but it would do the job, we thought it be fast, but it actaully took us 8 hours with a 20 minute stop only for food to get down here, no aicon and I got a big mama sitting next to me, pocking me friendily at every village to let me know what tribe lives there, and to show me when...

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Day two

15 October 2008


Photo of Jean-Marie Akermann with a giraffe

First the good news! no diahorrhea! then more good news, had a good day... So what can I say...first and foremost! I HAVE NEVER in my travels felt so little harrassed, threatened in any way, or have had anyone try to get more money from me, as from anyone else, some places have prices for locals end prices for tourist! Fair enough but on matatus, pubs, restaurants, not a single person has tried to rip me off! I feel safe! I feel welcome! the people smile and say Jambo every where! I was fearing...

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Well here I am, day 1 of a new adventure!

11 October 2008


A view of Nairobi from the Helipad on the roof of the Kenyatta Conference Centre

There was no one to meet me from the airport, which I expected. I got into town by public bus. It was OK, took about an hour, but thought it would take longer. I was politely told where to get off, after passing the poorest areas one can imagine. I got off walked 5 minutes to find my hotel, which had a room at about a tenner a night. It is clean and the lonely planet says it is safe. Wo - the security lad on night shift was very friendly. I was touched by his concern. He asked if I could bring...

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