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Day two / 15 October 2008

Photo of Jean-Marie Akermann with a giraffe

Photo of Jean-Marie Akermann with a giraffe

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First the good news! no diahorrhea! then more good news, had a good day... So what can I say...first and foremost! I HAVE NEVER in my travels felt so little harrassed, threatened in any way, or have had anyone try to get more money from me, as from anyone else, some places have prices for locals end prices for tourist! Fair enough but on matatus, pubs, restaurants, not a single person has tried to rip me off! I feel safe! I feel welcome! the people smile and say Jambo every where! I was fearing the worst! I have had the best and easiest ride of any of my travels yet!

... so all in all I've had three meetings with Dance4Life and USAID over two days and it sounds as there is much chance that this project might be worked on to try and bring it to realisation! Circus is a totaly unknown art-form in Kenya, so it'll be a double challenge!

Any way, on Saturday, as I was free all day, I decided to go and explore, so I set of by matatu to Carnivore, which is a very famous restaurant 10k out of nairobi where you pay a fee and eat as much meat as you want. It used to be bush meats, but that is now outlawed, so the wildest thing on the menu was crocodile and ostridge! but all the other meats where nicely BBQ'ed and succulent, with many sauces, desert, salads, jacket potatoes, and juices included in the price! Is expensive for kenya prices about 10 pound sterling, it was worth it, very ambientfull.

I met a couple of guys who are working for the mexican embassy developing an international computer program for passport control. They will be travelling for 6 months around the world to set it up, and as they were looking for someone to take their pic at the restaurant I offered and we ended up talking, Spanish obviously... they had all their expenses and transport paid for and their next destination was same as mine 'Bomas' which is a circus like building, where kenyan traditional dances get displayed, and also the typical Kenyan acrobats! The mexicans offered me a lift, giving the driver the excuse that I was another embassy staff member. And so I got a free ride in private van with them.

Bomas was actually rather good and a perfect space for us to showcase our work if ever Cirque Nova gets developed here in Kenya. So I spoke to the manager, and exchanged cards. He wants me to write to him about the project to see where it goes. my surprise, I found out in my meeting with the Nairobi Dance4life person that the event at which I will be performing with Penny on the 29th November, will be a live internet show on D4L, where all the countries of this organisation will be linked by internet and TV to showcase the shows of each country and the one in Kenya will be actually performed at Bomas, so they are already in contact with this organisation, and envisage our opening night for VIP's to happen in the very building, if and when our show with HIV+ Kenyan kids are finally ready to be showcased!.... What is good about it, is that the actual kids who will take part in the kenya project will actually see my performance live on giant screen in Nairobi, and we will get to see their dance show! as well as all the other country events!!! Sounds cool to me!

It had rained very strongly during the show at Bomas and the roads were really wet! The weather is much cooler than I expected. The level of humidity is not as high either, in the evenings/nights it tends to clowd over and get really chilly at night! one needs a long sleeve tshirt in the morning. apart from that, day times are sunny and warm but I see no sign of mosquitoes, and apparently the malaria rates here are alsmost non-existant!

The city is getting to me now, am a bit bored, I have also started chatting to this gorgeous Italian man, Gianlucca, who arrived here with no cash, and got himself to the hotel just with what he had in his pocket, to find that his bank card maestro is not accepted here in Kenya, and as he arrived same day as myself, he got stuck with no money, no food, nothing for 3 days as it was a bank holiday! his luck was that the staff of the hotel kind of adopted him and paid his hotel bill for him, his food, his water and even beers!

hugs JMA