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Raspberry is a musical inspired by the life and times of legendary disabled performer, Ian Dury. Written by award-winning playwright Garry Robson of Fittings Multimedia Arts, the play is showing at Oval House Theatre, London - 1 February to 19 February. (See DAO listings for details) This blog by members of the cast, follows on from a series of blogs posted when Fittings toured the UK with the show for six weeks in 2010.

Garry Robson inspires not a few Raspberry Ripples

4 February 2011


garry robson dressed in black as the character spasticus

It's four in the morning, late on in January, I’m writing this blog on a tired Olivetti, London is cold but i like where I’m living, there’s music at the Oval House on every evening (well Tues to Saturday to be precise) And Jayne.... Bloody 'ell. Lenny Cohen i must be feeling melancholy. Curiously enough i always find him really uplifting. Must be an age thing. Here i am sans the English Capital again, in what after another lovely time at Theatre Royal Stratford East is...

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