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Raspberry is a musical inspired by the life and times of legendary disabled performer, Ian Dury. Written by award-winning playwright Garry Robson of Fittings Multimedia Arts, the play is showing at Oval House Theatre, London - 1 February to 19 February. (See DAO listings for details) This blog by members of the cast, follows on from a series of blogs posted when Fittings toured the UK with the show for six weeks in 2010.

Garry Robson loves bringing out the raspberry ripple in his audiences

15 April 2010


photo of performer on stage

'Spasticus meets Dennis the Menace' “I love it! That memory will stay with me till the day I die” Thus spake one ecstatic audience member at the Traverse, Edinburgh, last week as a crowd of mainly non-disabled people sang along to ‘I love to be a Cripple, not a Raspberry or a Ripple but a downright dirty Cripple!!’” Marvellous! Brothers and Sisters it is indeed a wondrous moment when so many take up the opportunity to get a little bit of cripple inside them. My...

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