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Raspberry is a musical inspired by the life and times of legendary disabled performer, Ian Dury. Written by award-winning playwright Garry Robson of Fittings Multimedia Arts, the play is showing at Oval House Theatre, London - 1 February to 19 February. (See DAO listings for details) This blog by members of the cast, follows on from a series of blogs posted when Fittings toured the UK with the show for six weeks in 2010.

Chris Bruno drops in to sees Nick Dear's Frankenstein at the National Theatre... and ruminates on perceptions of the 'freak'

10 February 2011


Christine Bruno as Rita from Raspberry

It’s the first rainy day since I’ve been in London, just about three weeks now, and even though it’s Thursday, I can’t get that old Carpenters tune out of my head. It’s been a curious one, this second time round revisiting Raspberry in a new city, a new venue and with new eyes. Reconnecting with the Raspberry family after months of being away has, curiously enough, been much like reuniting with close blood relatives you haven’t seen for a while. Almost...

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Garry Robson inspires not a few Raspberry Ripples

4 February 2011


garry robson dressed in black as the character spasticus

It's four in the morning, late on in January, I’m writing this blog on a tired Olivetti, London is cold but i like where I’m living, there’s music at the Oval House on every evening (well Tues to Saturday to be precise) And Jayne.... Bloody 'ell. Lenny Cohen i must be feeling melancholy. Curiously enough i always find him really uplifting. Must be an age thing. Here i am sans the English Capital again, in what after another lovely time at Theatre Royal Stratford East is...

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