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Garry Robson loves bringing out the raspberry ripple in his audiences / 15 April 2010

photo of performer on stage

Garry Robson is Spasticus! Photo © Tim Morozzo

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'Spasticus meets Dennis the Menace'

“I love it! That memory will stay with me till the day I die” Thus spake one ecstatic audience member at the Traverse, Edinburgh, last week as a crowd of mainly non-disabled people sang along to ‘I love to be a Cripple, not a Raspberry or a Ripple but a downright dirty Cripple!!’” Marvellous!

Brothers and Sisters it is indeed a wondrous moment when so many take up the opportunity to get a little bit of cripple inside them. My date book has never been so full.

Raspberry’s on the road and causing ripples. A host of reviews from Glasgow and Edinburgh. Looks like everybody loves the songs and the passion of the performances. Whilst the story grabs some - for others it's the same old, same old. Interesting.

When we played it in development at Oran Mor 18 months ago it was described as Agit-Prop and I just said, “no not really, that’s just how it is” and that’s my response now.

People know all the language, the correct way of doing things and think they grasp the philosophical debate. But I’m not sure how many really understand what we’re getting at and that in some ways not a lot has changed.

With my DaDaFest International Artistic Directors hat on, I’m dealing with a major arts Institution at the moment. We’re discussing an event they hosted which I had doubts about.

Every time I raise these doubts I get a check list of procedures they went through to ensure the product ticked all the correct boxes. And I’m saying fine - but I still thought it was crap and then I get another list!

It reminds me of the lyrics from the ‘Hedgehog Song’ by the rather wonderful Incredible String Band – yes I am that old – “Well you know all the words and you sang all the notes, but you never quite learned the song, she said.”

'Twer fab to have sell-out houses at The Tron and The Traverse, and this, and great audience responses, have honed the show and warmed the cockles of a very talented, hardworking and passionate company.

Off to Dundee today – the home of Jute, Jam and Journalism. Maybe Raspberry will get a feature in the Beano.

Spasticus meets Dennis the Menace. Now I’d buy a copy of that!

As us old turns say “See you on the Ice”.

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