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Raspberry is a musical inspired by the life and times of legendary disabled performer, Ian Dury. Written by award-winning playwright Garry Robson of Fittings Multimedia Arts, the play is showing at Oval House Theatre, London - 1 February to 19 February. (See DAO listings for details) This blog by members of the cast, follows on from a series of blogs posted when Fittings toured the UK with the show for six weeks in 2010.

Chris Bruno gives an affectionate account of touring the UK with Fittings Multimedia's Raspberry

6 May 2010


Those of you who’ve been following Raspberry in these pages for the last two months, know the character of Rita is played by an American; specifically an American from the bustling, cacophonous, overcrowded metropolis that is New York City. Obviously, then, reserved is not a word I’d use to describe myself. More like “opinionated with a big heart.” So performing in cities, large and small, around the UK, I’ve often felt as though I stick out like the proverbial...

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