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I am a 22 year old student at Kingston University, studying an MA in Film Studies. My blog is about my interaction with film (my passion) and theatre events. Occasionally I will discuss music and trips I make to concerts, galleries and museums.

A Beautiful Mind (2001) starring Russell Crowe

30 May 2012


film still in which actor Russell Crowe is portrayed looking anxiously through a set of blinds

Despite the fact that this movie was very well received, including winning the Best Picture Oscar at the 74th Academy Awards Ceremony (2002), the film’s representation of mental illness is not dissimilar to 'Benny and Joon'. Both films depict sentimental and condescending portrayals of mental illness. ‘A Beautiful Mind’ opens with a dramatic and slightly eerie score, which propels the audience into the mind of Nash, as played by Russell Crowe. The film is a biographical...

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