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A (short) review of Frieze 2011 Art Fair / 3 October 2011

Frieze Art Fair 2011 banner image

Frieze Art Fair 2011 banner image

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As I walked into The Frieze Art Fair I was confronted with a lot of reflected spinning discs which were suspended from atop the marquee, which immediately made me very disorientated. Not a great start, but interesting nonetheless.

Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London, had a number of impressive pieces, mainly photographs (which is probably why I liked them) but also paintings and sculpture.

Yvonne Lambert, Paris was also fairly impressive, with colourful works in neon as well as paintings with text exploring the Colour Gray (Grey). 

I seem to remember from my visit to Freize a couple of years ago that there were more installation pieces but it didn’t seem to be the same this year. As I was wondering around however, finally getting to grips with the maze of over 170 galleries, there were a few other impressive works. As always, the atmosphere was buzzing, though I’ve come the conclusion that it may not be the best place for galleries to meet artists; the galleries are there to sell works and get noticed.

Although something extraordinary did happen during my visit: I got fed up of the iPad. I found myself walking around (with my own iPad in my bag) thinking, "If I see one more gallery person looking at their iPad, I shall take mine out and throw it at them." It’s a nice thought, but would it have been Art?

I had another thought too. With me as lead artist, would it be a good idea to take a handful of other disabled / learning disabled artists there to next year's show to have our own space? It’ll be hard work but fun, and we might even sell stuff too.

The Frieze Art Fair 2011 is on until 16 Octobe, 2011 in the Pavilion, Regent’s Park, London.