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My first live one man show. / 27 April 2013

Postcard layout advertising the show Hidden, with a pic of Jonny Collis

Postcard layout advertising the show Hidden, with a pic of Jonny Collis

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HIDDEN Performance.

What an amazing, spectacular day it was yesterday.
My one man show, starring Jonny Collis, called ‘Hidden’ had its premiere at the first Disability Arts In Surrey Festival to around 20-30 people - not bad for 10am on a Friday morning!

Jonny did a fantastic job, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more from his performance. The show was based around my own experience of what I call psychosis after a stop & search by Police in London when I was 26 years old, and follows the journey I took from then till now.

There was some interesting questions at the end and myself and Jonny were able to answer them. I got an email from Surrey Police who said afterwards:
“It was really powerful and I'm so glad I could come along to see it.”
Whilst John Kelly, the artistic director for the festival, said
“It was simple in its staging but immensely powerful, and a great start to the DAISY Festival.”
I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say he really loved the piece.
Great feedback by people from the arts council, and people were still talking about it in the evening. One of the last comments I heard was ‘Apparently Gary’s show was brilliant’.

So all in all, an amazing day, which came from something I was soooo worried about, being such a personal piece, to something I’m really very very proud of. And, dare I say it, it’s possible a few people saw me in a different light, too.