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John O'Donoghue is an author, poet, and journalist. He blogs about Outsider Art, drawing on the aesthetics of Art Brut and applying these in particular to poetry - investigating the idea of 'Poesie Brut'.

Memories of Brian Behan

22 October 2011


black and white photo of Brian Behan

It’s now over ten years since the death of Brian Behan. Brendan Behan, the playwright, and Dominic Behan, the singer-songwriter, were his brothers. His mother, Kathleen, was the subject of his book, Mother Of All The Behans, which was turned into a stage show and ran on Broadway. I first met Brian when I asked him to be in the Brighton Fleadh, an Irish Festival I organised in 1995. His play, Hallelujah I’m A Bum, caused a bit of a stir that summer. A journalist friend of his phoned...

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