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John O'Donoghue is an author, poet, and journalist. He blogs about Outsider Art, drawing on the aesthetics of Art Brut and applying these in particular to poetry - investigating the idea of 'Poesie Brut'.

The Mission

27 July 2012


Olympic security to an extreme

'Our mission,' said the CO, 'will be a tricky one.' He looked over the podium at the eager faces in front of him. He knew just how brave they all were, what they had all come through together, just how much a challenge this new mission would be. They were tired, exhausted some of them, on their last legs. But theirs was not to reason why. They had a job to do and by God they were going to do it. 'Now you'll all know,' he continued, 'just how erratic local forces can be. This latest incident...

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