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Ju Gosling aka ju90 is an artist who works mainly with digital lens-based media, as well as performance, text and sound. Ju situates her work largely within the theories and traditions of the international Disability Arts movement, and has gained an international reputation. In this Blog ju90 will focus on the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People as it relates to art, culture and sport.

ju90 remembers David Morris on the anniversary of his untimely death

25 April 2011


photo of sunset over a prehistoric burial chamber

I’m back in Wales this week to run the Abnormal exhibition workshop in Milford Haven. What does it mean to be abnormal? Who decides? Do any of us actually feel abnormal? We spend an enjoyable day exploring self-portraiture and the place of the body within art from prehistoric handprints to contemporary land art. It is particularly good to have two teenage girls present who are incredibly enthusiastic. Last month’s panel discussion in Newcastle also attracted a predominantly young...

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ju90 discusses the recent cuts, as she takes her show on tour

5 April 2011


This week we are all still trying to process the impact of the Arts Council cuts, not just to Disability Arts organizations like Dada South, but also to the ‘mainstream’ organizations. Which activities will be dropped when organizations are facing a 7-10%+ cut (more in real terms) in the next financial year? Surely it will include a large number of ‘educational’, ‘outreach’ and ‘community based’ activities, all of which will disproportionately...

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