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Ju Gosling aka ju90 is an artist who works mainly with digital lens-based media, as well as performance, text and sound. Ju situates her work largely within the theories and traditions of the international Disability Arts movement, and has gained an international reputation. In this Blog ju90 will focus on the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People as it relates to art, culture and sport.

In search of a level access playing field

27 June 2011


Portrait of a figure looking at an artwork depicting the back of a woman

As disabled artists, we know that our work is as good as anyone else’s. Indeed, since our lives force us into a more intense relationship with society and the environment, as well as developing our observation, precision and problem-solving skills, you could argue that it’s better. History will also ensure that the international Disability Arts movement is recorded and recognised alongside the rest. We already have an impressive record of exhibitions, festivals and publications,...

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ju90 remembers David Morris on the anniversary of his untimely death

25 April 2011


photo of sunset over a prehistoric burial chamber

I’m back in Wales this week to run the Abnormal exhibition workshop in Milford Haven. What does it mean to be abnormal? Who decides? Do any of us actually feel abnormal? We spend an enjoyable day exploring self-portraiture and the place of the body within art from prehistoric handprints to contemporary land art. It is particularly good to have two teenage girls present who are incredibly enthusiastic. Last month’s panel discussion in Newcastle also attracted a predominantly young...

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ju90 discusses the recent cuts, as she takes her show on tour

5 April 2011


This week we are all still trying to process the impact of the Arts Council cuts, not just to Disability Arts organizations like Dada South, but also to the ‘mainstream’ organizations. Which activities will be dropped when organizations are facing a 7-10%+ cut (more in real terms) in the next financial year? Surely it will include a large number of ‘educational’, ‘outreach’ and ‘community based’ activities, all of which will disproportionately...

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ju90 blogs from the Clocktower in Croydon...

18 February 2011


two wheelchairs users in amongst rows of poles

I've spent the past two weeks at Croydon Clocktower, working with Fittings Multimedia Arts on the second stage of their Sputnik project. This would have been a happy occasion - and in fact has been for most of the time - were it not for the fact that the Clocktower's arts programme is about to be terminated. Yes, the Clocktower is yet another victim of local government cuts. As many DAO readers will know, the Clocktower has long been a supporter of Disability Arts. Back in the days when London...

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ju90 gives a run-down on the UK-wide tour of her show Abnormal

18 January 2011


the artist Ju Gosling mounts an exhibit in her show Abnormal

I am going to use this blog to focus on the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People as it relates to art, culture and sport. The Convention, which the UK ratified in 2009 (with reservations), states that disabled people should be able to participate in art, culture and sport on an equal basis, and, critically, that our own culture must be respected and encouraged (which presumably also means funded). As a member of the group that is monitoring the Government’s implementation of the...

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