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Lloyd Coleman is a composer, conductor and clarinettist, who recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Music. He's been a member of the British Paraorchestra since it was formed in 2012, and is now writing a major new piece for them. You can follow his progress here on this video blog.

Video: Introducing Paraorchestra member Adrian Lee

16 February 2015


It's time for our next musician to be put in the spotlight, and this week it is my very great pleasure to introduce you to Adrian Lee.  He is an indispensable member of the orchestra for which I'm writing - here you can read my thoughts on a fabulous gig he and fellow guitarist Tom Doughty did at Unlimitied last year. And as you'll hear in the video below, Adrian's introduction to music and subsequent work has been a truly kalaidescopic mix of styles and genres. He's...

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Why should the British Paraorchestra exist?

9 February 2015


photo of conductor Charles Hazlewood against a pastoral background

Charles Hazlewood, founder of the British Paraorchestra, has always been very clear about his reasons for setting up the group. When his youngest daughter was born with cerebral palsy, his eyes were opened to the world of disability, which (by his own admission) he had paid little attention to before. This led Charles to consider disability in the context of his work as a conductor. He realised he had encountered very few disabled, professional musicians – a handful, at most – in...

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