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Video: Introducing Paraorchestra member Baluji Shrivastav / 16 March 2015

Baluji sits crossed-legged on the floor with his sitar

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Watch the video below to hear how my piece (as yet untitled) is influenced by two musical ideas which originated in music of the Baroque era. I also provide demonstrable proof that composers don't always simply write down music that comes into our heads, aimlessly forming a piece as we go. Sometimes, it's possible to take a small idea and play with this using a variety of established compositional techniques. 

Also in my video blog this week, Baluji Shrivastav - amongst the first musicians to join the Paraorchestra in 2011 -  to the two instruments linked with a huge amount of traditional Indian music, the sitar and tabla.

Baluji also holds the distinction of heading his own group of musicians - the Inner Vision Orchestra, which is made up of blind singers and players from all over the world. 

The website of a film about the Inner Vision Orchestra can be accessed here