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Towards Harmony: 30 days to go / 2 June 2015

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My week of rehearsal madness continued apace today - I visited the wonderful Adrian Lee at his home in North London. I have introduced you to this magician of the guitar already on this blog, and I always enjoy visiting and rehearsing with him. Although I will freely admit that we are both guilty of becoming sidetracked with too many tea breaks and talking at length about our favourite music, instead of actually rehearsing!

We experimented with an interesting device called an EBow on his electric guitar, which creates a fantastic sound with the right amount of delay and tone. The climactic ending of Towards Harmony features a string of descending scales for some instruments, and Adrian's use of the EBow has transformed the relatively simple material on the page into something that sounds greater, and more beautiful, than the sum of its parts:

The BBC are continuing to profile members of the group in advance of BBC Music Day on Friday, and today it was the turn of Charlotte White. Slightly confusingly, we actually have 2 Charlotte Whites in the Paraorchestra, one who plays trombone and one who plays the Ableton. It is the latter who is featured in the video below (which also answers your question 'What on earth is an Ableton?'


As part of #BBCMusicDay on Friday we'll be hearing a unique performance by the The British Paraorchestra and 200 young singers!  Meet Charlotte White. who performs in the paraorchestra and local group OpenUp Music - using an ipad as her instrument

Posted by BBC Somerset 95.5FM on Tuesday, 2 June 2015