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Nicola Tuxworth from Lung Ha's, blogs about her love of travel / 23 March 2011

Nicola Tuxworth in Lung Ha's Chekhov Shorts. Photo © Douglas Jones

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I have been with Lung Ha's for nearly four years. I started 3 months before I turned 18, so I was really the youngest member of Lung Ha's at that point. I play the newspaper seller and several other parts in Lung Ha's 'Around the World in 80 Days'.

There are so many things in acting that I love very much. I love all the shows and tours, going to so many different places and returning to some of the same ones. But the main thing I love is to take on a new challenge in the world of acting. As long as there are new challenges for me to face I will not be unhappy.

Well looking at the time when the Jules Verne wrote his book, it was a time of change in all things but also a change in writing and ideas. To be able to image a journey around the world in 80 days; to journey to the center of the earth and discover and claim treasure from under the sea, not knowing what kind of monsters or creatures may lurk down there. The stories are all one man's thoughts. They are really well loved and open the world of imagination. That's something everyone can keep.

If I could travel like Phileas Fogg I would go everywhere - over and over again. I would love to travel even further than I ever dared to go before.

But if there was one place I had to stop it would be Paris. True I have been there once on tour with Lung Ha's. It is a city filled with beauty beyond all others. I have an eye for beauty and would love to return.

When you read books like the Hunchback of Notre Dame and see films like The Three Musketeers and The Man In the Iron Mask it tells you about Paris and traces some of its' wondrous history. It leaves you wanting to see, smell, hear and touch it for yourself, or at least that's I how feel about it.

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