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‘Neglected Voices’ is a work about disabled people’s experience, consisting of four sequences of transcription poems: 'Proud', 'In Memory', 'This Hearing Thing' and 'Dan Dare Braces'.

As disabled people, we get looked at a lot, and talked about a great deal, but we don't get listened to very much. This does not mean that we have nothing to say. Any number of stories are told about us, as poison dwarves, wicked hunchbacks, pathetic cripples, brave survivors or benefits scroungers. What the story is depends on who is doing the telling. That's why it matters that the stories about us are so rarely told by us. Neglected Voices attempts to rectify that situation by giving four disabled people the opportunity to tell their own stories.

'Neglected Voices' was created by Allan Sutherland's during his year-long residency at the Centre for Citizen Participation at Brunel University in 2010/11.

Transcription Poetry

21 November 2011


Transcription Poetry

Allan Sutherland discusses the form of 'Transcription poetry' - as a vehicle for documenting the lives of disabled people