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Nicole Fordham Hodges is a poet, and thrilled to be one of DAO's New Voices. In her blog, she would like to untangle her artistic process as if it were knotted string. She'd like to nudge her poetry out into the open, if it will come. She'd like to test the truth of her own and other people's work, by tapping them against each-other. She'd love to know who you are, and hear your comments on what she's written.

Disability Spy

29 February 2012


Rilke's Angel. Brush and Ink (with wash) on paper, 2000

I live in a border world. My disability is invisible. It fluctuates. Sometimes it disappears. Then I hear it snuffling about. Its a sort of magic trick. I am an undercover agent, a disability spy. I  live with M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ illness-with-many-nonspecific-names. I live amongst M.E. deniers. I can see nearly invisible things, and catch them before they manifest. Well, sometimes. I have learnt to go within and feel for the whereabouts of my energy. I try not to override my...

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