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Nina Muehlemann is doing a PhD in English Literature on ‘positive’ representation of disability in mainstream culture and Disability Culture. In her blog, she writes about her research, about disability in the media and in art and the gap between mainstream and Disability Culture.

Mods, Rockers and mobility vehicles are coming to Brighton Pride!

7 July 2014


Duckie flyer with a group of mods and rockers

Lucille Power, a London-based disabled artist has dreamed up a fun project to shake up Brighton Pride on August 2nd: In a special performance, she wants to transform wheelchair users and riders of mobility scooters into 1960s mods and rockers for 'Lucille Power's Rev-in', in collaboration with London's legendary club night Duckie. The performance sounds like so much fun - I am already looking forward to getting dressed up in studs and leather and dousing myself in hairspray...

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