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Nina Muehlemann is doing a PhD in English Literature on ‘positive’ representation of disability in mainstream culture and Disability Culture. In her blog, she writes about her research, about disability in the media and in art and the gap between mainstream and Disability Culture.

The Light Princess - a modern (feminist?) fairy-tale with an outdated perception of disability

13 November 2013


the light princess is slaying a dragon

 When I heard that the glorious Tori Amos was attached to a musical, which reworked a Scottish fairy tale called ‘The Light Princess’, I was thrilled - Amos’ enchanting, bewitching and very often slightly unsettling melodies seemed like the perfect fit for a modern fairy tale, and fairy tales and the myths they create, perpetuate and question have always held a strong fascination over me. On many levels, ‘The Light Princess’, which is on at the National...

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