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Auckland, New Zealand / 24 February 2009

I've arrived in Auckland, and had an interesting flight over with BA269, whereby 4 flight attendants told me that they do not have films with subtitles, save in Japanese, Italian, Spanish etc.    I thought this can't be true it's 2009 for chrissakes so I explained a little about equal access (such is my mission in life).    The No. 1 Flight attendant was adamant that they do not provide this service and my pleas fell on deaf ears when I explained that I would be destined to an 11 hour flight without a film unlike the rest of the 450+ passengers.    However, the lovely young American couple seated next to me were convinced this should be possible and found two subtitled films for me to access.   So it seems BA are doing their bit to make service provision accessible, only they don't make this known to all their staff!    Ah well.

There are better things to come, I know.   Pxx