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Penny Pepper has been a writer and activist within the disability arts movement for 20 years. She has written articles for dao, Arts Disability Culture Magazine, Disability Now and Ouch! She has also written short stories for DAO and is the author of Desires (2003), a controversially unique collection of explicit fiction focusing on disabled people, relationships and sex.

Penny Pepper on the dawn of her half century

10 August 2010


It leaves me incredulous every passing day now, as the big event hurtles closer. That is, on 16 August I am 50. Oh my. It's as unreal as the recent diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. I'm 50 and disordered? Maybe I'll simply be proud. I know I can pass as younger if I want. Vain, moi? Always.... As for BPD - that's me. Extreme and emotional and a happy drama queen. Mostly. Apparently my death was predicted to be at around the age of 20 years (and almost occurred at 10...

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