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Penny Pepper has been a writer and activist within the disability arts movement for 20 years. She has written articles for dao, Arts Disability Culture Magazine, Disability Now and Ouch! She has also written short stories for DAO and is the author of Desires (2003), a controversially unique collection of explicit fiction focusing on disabled people, relationships and sex.

Lost in Spaces: with mash, memoir and Pepwatch!

13 October 2015


I'm bad and weary and old and overworked. I'm sad my DAO blog cries out for fulfillment but hey, a crip has to choose her battles. But I'm back, and with the help of my all round fabulous manager, director and organiser Beth Pitts, I hope to be laying down more Pep news over the coming months. DAO is a mighty precious thing too, and I continue in my heart if not with my presence, to support it. Here’s October, and isn’t it starting to get chilly? Hopefully the cold...

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