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Diversity and Devilment! / 12 February 2012

photo of spoken word artist Penny Pepper with cellist Jo Cox, pictured in the Liberty tent at Trafalgar Square

Penny Pepper does spoken word, with Jo Cox. Photo by Mark Davidson

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Please let me tempt you to be challenged and entertained by my guest slot at Soho Theatre, Feb 20th 7.45pm, where I am performing with acclaimed comedy troupe Abnormally Funny People.

Reviews, press coverage, radio slots and offers of work all very welcome. I am also an eager Penny for some representation / management for my spoken word as I have too much to handle on my own.

Other than this, I'm sending this invite purely in the hope that you will come along and enjoy the whole evening. My slot may be brief but I believe it will grab you where it matters and hopefully make you laugh. All feedback and input greatly welcomed. With luck, I get to come back for a longer slot in the future.

My work is described as lyrical, challenging, funny, bawdy. My adventures with spoken word are inexorably linked to my passion for writing and the two connect at every opportunity. My focus is to subvert, to ask questions – with a smile – words twined, thorns in velvet. Yes, I unpick the issues around difference, diversity and disability and I aim to show how they link to the universal human condition.

Apart from a regular output of published work, I've taken my spoken word set to many varied places – including the Edinburgh Fringe, National Theatre, Liberty festival at Trafalgar Square, festivals around the UK, and guest slots for national spoken word organisation Apples and Snakes. Through various aspects of my work I’ve featured on radio and my last appearance was July 2011 for Radio 4’s Fourthought, through producer Sheila Cook.

In 2010 I was Emerging Artist runner up at Dada International. Through this, I gained national, local press and radio coverage. I had other exposure in The Guardian and The Culture Show – in this case, literal, in the form of paintings for which I had modelled nude!

Last July a spoken word event was created around me in New York. I headlined the event, Crip Lit, which was organised by Jo Weedon, a major burlesque performer in the US. The event was very successful, and the venue, Bluestockings, New York’s premier radical book shop, now stocks my book Desires.

This is my short story erotica collection, which was first published in 2003 by Bejamo Press. I wrote this in response to the overwhelming prejudice shown to work which attempted to break down taboos about disabled people as three dimensional human beings. As I aim to challenge barriers and unearth the hidden.

Do hope you can make it on Feb the 20th where you will sample a juicy slither of Pepper sauce and subversion.

Hello there to those who know me, and those of you I've yet to meet!

Keywords: disability art,spoken word